Furry Love: Beach Buggy

Jörg, the Bug, and I decided to take a little adventure and drive out to Plymouth. It was a beautiful day and I did a bit of research to find that there is a beach that allows dogs out that way, so we jumped in the car and off we went!

IMG_6786Long Beach, super close to good ol’ Plymouth Rock, wasn’t exactly what I had had in mind when I thought of our beach day… but then again, if the beach allows dogs all day then it probably isn’t going to be the most pristine of beaches. It was full of stones, not a whole lot of sand, and not quite as big as I had hoped, but we made due. A great thing about this beach though was that every other dog owner in a 50 mile radius also had their dog there so it gave us the chance to try and socialize our Queen of the Castle as she can be quite a brat around other dogs. Some other pups weren’t quite sure what to make of her…

IMG_6791She also wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the ocean, so she stayed as far away from it as possible. Our beach walk turned into dancing in the sand at a comfortable distance from the water.

IMG_6808We finished off the day with a trip into Plymouth. We had a shockingly hard time finding the darn rock, which apparently has this great classical structure built around it that we walked right by haha. We got Jörg (sigh and maybe myself) an ice cream cone and headed back home.

IMG_6817I call ^ this one: “Man, Small Dog, Ice Cream Cone”








Furry Love: Tiny Dachshund

What kind of dog is that?! Is that a chihuahua? Is that a beagle mix? She is sooooo cute!


She is a teeny weenie. A mininature dachshund. A snuggle bug.



The Bug is 4 months old going on 15 years old. She has the sass of a teenager and serious swag when she walks. She loves sunshine, socks, and being sneaky.

IMG_6753More than anything she loves my husband. She waits every morning for him to come out of the shower, barely able to contain herself.


Today I brought her to Houghton’s Pond for the first time and she LOVED the sand (of course she did, I just gave her a bath before we went).

Wasn’t quite warm enough to venture into the water yet, but we played hours of fetch. She also got love from about 50 strangers, celeb status.




What a doll!

Party: Alice In Wonderland

Give me a theme, any theme, and I’ll come running with a glue gun in one hand and a Michael’s coupon in the other. I love themes more than oxygen.

My wonderful friend Becky is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland-lore so it was only appropriate to give her and her soon-to-be hubby a Jack & Jill in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland is about small touches, madness, and of course the Queen of Hearts. I made props for the tables and little signs for the straws and desserts. I also made a little special something for the MOB and MOG. Throw in a couple pairs of bunnies ears and you’ve got a party!






Travel: South Africa Birthday

With this horrible Boston winter still lingering (even though it is spring??) I thought it was a perfect time to start posting from our recent trip to South Africa. As many of you know, this was my third time going back and my first time bringing along my parents and my sister. I was so thrilled to be able to show them the beautiful country that I love so much and introduce them to all of our family and friends on that side.

While there we spent a fantastic afternoon in Paarl at Barley & Biltong for my wonderful mother in-law’s birthday. The weather was perfect, as was the company (…as was the wine!). Barley & Biltong is a perfect afternoon spot, with their outdoor gardens, artwork, and shoppes, it is right up my alley.



My beautiful family in blue<3

After our time at the wine farm we ran home, grabbed some drinks, and headed out for a birthday sundowner. We drove out of town and up along the coast to look over beautiful Cool Bay. The drive is stunning and is a great vantage point to spot whales during season (or so they say. Sigh, I’ve never seen one). My parents couldn’t believe the view, and honestly going there this time felt like going there for the first time.

IMG_5417 IMG_5422 IMG_5436 IMG_5460IMG_5486 IMG_5494

It was a beautiful birthday for my beautiful Mama B. I miss them every day but I am so grateful for the memories and the time that we do get to spend together. I swear I can smell the ocean when I look at these photos. Love you from here to Africa ❤

Furry Love: The Best Models

This past week has been one of the worst for myself and my family as we said goodbye to our best friend, Reilly (or better known as the Puma). She was a friend to cry on, rely on, and love with our whole heart. I spent half of my life with her and couldn’t have imagined it any other way. She loved bananas, hated the hose, and slept on her back like a human. She was also my best model as I started to really dive into photography, and dealt with me constantly following her around with my camera strapped to my face.


 Learning how to work with shadows.


Understanding the complicated world of flash photography.


Playing with timed portraits.


Realizing that dusk makes for perffffect lighting.


Understanding that you can go too far with editing.

She made the perfect model through my learning curve. It is her I have to thank for what I am able to do with my camera today. She is my everything and I love her more than I can put into words. While I can’t believe she is gone she certainly lives on through the newest addition to my fur family, Ladybug.

I’ve never been a small dog person but this little bug has helped make things a bit brighter lately. She melts the heart of every person she meets. She also has a small affection, or maybe I’m mistaking it for aggression… towards the lens. Either way, she lunges at it at each shot. Silly dog.

Lady 1Lady 2


She better take a page out of Puma’s book and get used to being my live-in model.

Zumba: Studio 92 Quincy

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Zumba addict. Nothing makes me happier than shaking my behind to some choreographed dance and fast beats, ow ow owwww!

Zumba at Studio 92 is the highlight of my week. After sitting at my desk for 8 hours my body is dying for some cardio, served straight up. Zumba is a fun, sexy way to get the heart pumping, burn calories, and tone up in all the right places. The instructors are awesome and always encouraging. It gives me the satisfaction of really ‘going up on a Tuesday’… or any other weeknight haha.

Check it out for yourself!



Married: Mimi & Andrew

June 2014

Samantha Steinhage Photography

June 21, 2014


What an incredibly special day! The weather could not have been more perfect, sunshine to match the smile on Mimi’s face as she got to marry her best friend Andrew. The day began with champagne & up-do’s at the Clip Shop in Williamstown, followed by some girl time at the Harbour House Inn in Cheshire.



flower girls

Then these two love birds, surrounded by loving family & friends, were married at St. Mary’s Church in Cheshire. Through tears & cheers they were officially Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bedard! 

churchThe party then made it’s way over to Berkshire Hills Country Club. Dinner, drinks, candy, dancing, love! 


I am so happy that I was able to capture the beauty of this day through my lens & be part of these memories. What a happy happy time! ❤ 


Hair: The Clip Shop

Pre Wedding: Harbour House Inn

Reception: Berkshire Hills Country Club

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